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Vibration Test systems

Developed internally under Spectral Dynamics and L.A.B. Equipment brands or thanks to partnerships, Spectral Dynamics Europe provides a wide range of vibration test systems.
Our experts will help you to find the adapted system to your application.

Electrodynamic vibration systems

Thanks to our close partnership with TIRA GmbH, Spectral Dynamics Europe proposes and supports Electrodynamic vibration systems from 9 N to 300 kN.
Shakers - Modal systems - Calibration systems - Inertial systems - Long stroke systems - Analog/digital amplifiers -Slip tables, linear/hydrostatic guided - Head expanders and much more.


Hydraulic vibration systems

Under the brand L.A.B. Equipment, Spectral Dynamics developed hydraulic vibration systems to meet a wide spectrum of vibration testing applications from sine sweep tests to the most complex data real time simulation, or random reproduction applications.
Hydraulic vibration systems from L.A.B. Equipment are ideal to test according to ASTM, DOT, ISTA, ISO and federal standards.

Vibration controllers

To control the electrodynamic or hydraulic vibration systems and run your test properly, the role of vibration controller is essential.
Thanks to the Spectral Dynamics controllers LynxTM and JaguarTM, the vibration level will be conformed to the specifications and the dynamic behavior of the complete system will be compensated.

Other vibration systems

To answer to a wide range of different vibration tests, L.A.B. Equipment also designs mechanical vibration testers and transport simulators.