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PUMA Vibration Control and Analysis System
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Lynx 24 bit input, compact, powerful, rugged and affordable with comprehensive test capabilities: Random, Sine, and Classical Shock with SRS displays.
P.I.N.D. Particle Impact Noise Detection
JAGUAR Powerful workstation-based system for large scale Shaker Control, signal analysis, and MIMO Shaker Control
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Spectral Dynamics,

in its 55th year, provides vibration testing products to the automotive industry and the worldwide market place.

These products include:

  • single and multiple electrodynamic and hydraulic exciters,
  • single and multiple exciter vibration control systems with
    • optimum fatigue excitation and control,
    • true Gaussian random excitation, road simulation,
    • industry-best swept sine testing with true digital tracking filters,
    • acoustic excitation and control up to 20 000 Hz
    • more patents than all of the competition combined for the advanced algorithms and solutions required for the difficult nonlinear testing of complex products in the automotive market to mention one of many employing SD products
    • single and multiple channel analysis systems with the most accurate h/w in the industry as well as all the analysis tools you require
    • h/w is guaranteed alias free with the best phase match and accurate measurements in your bandwidth of interest whether it is DC to 10 Hz or 5mHz
    • Modal Analysis using integrated data acquisition and the Industry best STAR Modal Analysis product
    • Acoustic Analysis using SD acquisition and STAR Acoustic analysis
    • Rotating Machinery Analysis with hundreds of channels of acquisition and online and stored data and analysis that can be used worldwide by customers and analysts authorized to use it
    • Shock acquisition and analysis used by the most advanced technologists for product design, explosive damage, knock engine analysis, and much more…

Spectral Dynamics also partners with leading Educational institutions to share expertise in developing technologies and products to advance the state of vibration measurement, analysis and excitation. Most recently, Spectral Dynamics has partnered with Cranfield University to further development of state of the art tools for application in the vibration market.

Whether testing a one-of-a-kind prototype or high-volume components, Spectral Dynamics provides flexible, expandable and reliable systems that delivers scientifically accurate and thoroughly documented test results.