Lynx controller

Vibration control system composed of single output generation and multiple channels hardware associated with powerful software.

The LynxTM is a powerful, flexible and affordable vibration test control system designed to meet a wide range of environmental test requirements. It combines simplicity of operation required for production screening with the power and versatility required for R&D prototype testing.



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The LynxTM is a powerful, compact and affordable vibration test control system

The LynxTM   is no ordinary controller when it comes to vibration testing. To meet your most stringent test requirements, the system incorporates our patented Adaptive Digital vibration control technology. Our Adaptive Technology is the advanced technology every vibration controller should have. Our leading-edge algorithms calculate complex closed loop control solutions in milliseconds in a unique iterative process. This allows your test article and the system to be controlled during the test in the ultimate fashion. Our technology protects your test article and the test system while allowing for the ultimate in response delivering you the confidence in test results you desire.


Key features:

  • 4 Input channels expandable to 16

Each module is composed with a drive channels and 4 inputs. Synchronization of modules allows to increase the measurement channels number to fit your application.

  • Multi-channel control capability

Each input channel can be declared as control channel. If several inputs are selected, the user can easily define the strategy for a multi-channel control of the test.

  • Advanced graphics & reports

Our team developed a powerful graphic interface to monitor your testing and visualize data in a customizable and flexible manner. It allows to configure your display and export your results directly to Word® or Excel®.

  • Data storage options

You entirely define the storage of the test. The LynxTM  will accordingly record the time stream and/or the analysis, to meet your customized parameters.

  • Automation features

Need to Sequence several random profiles during an extended test? Linking our different control software modules (Random, Sine or others) can automate your testing with LynxTM.

  • Safety

The LynxTM  has integrated several internal systems checks to prevent damage to your system prior to starting a test sequence. This feature, along with our user control limits, provide for the ultimate in safety and protection of your equipment.

  • System on Windows 10 – USB3 connection to host

Spectral Dynamics integrates the latest technology in its products. The Lynx™ is Windows 10 based and our hardware to PC communication is the latest in USB technology -USB3.


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LynxTM Software Modules and Test applications:


Sine Module

Spectral Dynamics software modules always provide you with the best in control technology.  Our LynxTM Sine Module incorporates a true analog-quality sine sweep with a double precision integrated phase algorithm in order to ensure the lowest signal distortion possible. Our easy-to-use flexible user interface, will allow you to configure your control parameters: manual or automatic test, control with the fundamental signal (tracking filter) or with the RMS of the broadband, control strategy. Other  Sine based software modules; Stepped Sine and Search& Dwell can be easily incorporated into your testing control suite with your original system configuration or added later to your system as your testing needs to expand down the road.


Random Module

Spectral Dynamics developed a control algorithm with separate controls loops dedicated to controlling the shape of the drive spectrum and overall RMS level. This optimizes the random control signal while providing both control speed and stability during your test. This “forward looking” technology allows the LynxTM to adjust the control speed in real time to the next measure of error that is about to occur. This control algorithm is one feature of our Adaptive Technology which ensures the control and repeatability you demand when testing to higher tolerance random control spectra while exciting your test product to give you the test confidence you need.


Shock Module

The LynxTM Shock Module solution generates different types of shock pulses to simulate the test item experiences in its real environment. As an expert in the field, Spectral Dynamics developed algorithms for shock testing with transfer function updating and coherence smoothing to accurately and quickly compensate for non-linearity or time varying changes which may occur with a dynamic load. The control strategy is easily defined by the user with pulse compensation, tolerances, number of control channels. SRS testing, automation of the shock test and repetitive pulse mode are available with our solution. The LynxTM stands alone in the industry as the “true tool” in realistic shock environment simulation.


Sine on Random Module

This application consists in combining pure sinusoidal signals with random signal waveforms. The highest quality random signals are generated and controlled via our advanced algorithm signal generation. The sinusoidal signals are then combined with the random waveforms and a high-quality spectrum is generated which can be then swept across your desired band of interest.


Random on Random Module

Random on Random simulates complex narrowband random on broadband random vibration environments. Narrow-bands may be swept or stationary. This vibration environment is typically seen in reciprocating equipment, repetitive impacts from tracked vehicles, and aircraft gunfire vibration.


Road simulation (Time replication) Module

Road Simulation application makes it possible to reproduce actual measured time history vibration data in the laboratory on your vibration system.


Signal Analyzer Module

The analyzer provides a comprehensive set of tools for data acquisition and signal analysis. Tests can be performed with or without output generation.




Options available for LynxTM software

Spectral Dynamics offers specific options to help you to increase the efficiency of the testing process from the definition to the report.

  • Stream to disk: Time record and storage
  • Remote control features: ActiveX or RCI
  • Test schedule and Mission simulation: linking of multiple profiles
  • And much more.



Applications licenses

License’s details
Random Level 1: 1 Hz to 2 kHz freq. range, 800 lines of resolution

Level 2: 1 Hz to 5 kHz freq. range, 3200 lines of resolution

Level 3: 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz freq. range,12800 lines of res. – Limit Channels

Sine  Level 1: Swept sine – 1 Hz – 2 kHz freq. range, 800 points per sweep 

Level 2: Swept sine – 1 Hz – 5 kHz freq. range, 2400 points per sweep – Limit channels 

Level 3: Swept sine – 0.1 Hz – 20 kHz freq. range, 2400 points / sweep – Limit channels

Additional license: Sine Resonance Track and Dwell 

Additional license: Stepped Sine Vibration Control

Shock Level 1: half sine and trapezoid pulse shapes, manual mode only

Level 2: all pulse shapes, Ref. Importing, Level and Pulse Scheduling

Additional license: Waveform Generation and SRS Control

Sine on Random
Random on Random
Road simulation
Signal analyzer Level 1: Signal Analysis to 10KHz, 800 lines, triggering, output generator

Level 2: Signal Analysis to 20KHz, 12800 lines, triggering, output generator