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Market leading torsional vibration measurement systems and engineering support

ROTEC is the world’s leading company in the development, production and distribution of equipment for the measurement and analysis of torsional/rotational vibration. Their measurement technology impresses with a unique measurement principle, the high angular resolution and the highly precise measurement data acquisition.

The elements of the ROTEC principle for torsional vibration analysis are:

  • Precise measurement methods for the acquisition of rotational speeds and analog quantities
  • High time resolution for speed measurement with wide dynamic range
  • Common time base of all measuring channels enables mutual references
  • Consistent use of angle information from the speed channels

ROTEC offer sophisticated engineering services in all areas of dynamic component and assembly testing for complex functional analyses. With outstanding component and system competence, they take on complete development projects. Or advise you on metrological questions, individual requirements as well as measurement data analysis with individual special solutions.

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The focus of ROTEC is on the precise and time synchronous measurement and analysis of speed, analog (e.g. temperature, acceleration, structure-borne noise, pressure), digital and CAN signals on the individual components. We offer you precise, high-resolution and application-oriented measurement techniques, evaluations and simulations.


ROTEC’s approach for torsional vibration measurement contains a fully integrated measurement chain from speed sensors, signal conditioning, data acquisition system RASdelta and RAS post-processing software.


See all products : https://www.rotec-munich.de/en/products/

Application notes and publications: https://www.rotec-munich.de/en/publications/

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Electrodynamic vibration systems

Looking for the ultimate electrodynamic vibration solution? Look no further. We combine the high quality of a TIRA vibration system with the advanced technology of the Spectral Dynamics controller.

TIRA GmbH has been a global leader in the design and manufacturing of world-class electrodynamic (ED) vibration systems. Since 1965, the company has been manufacturing ED systems for a wide variety of applications within every industrial market. TIRA’s systems are varied in size and capability from 9N to 300kN and designed to meet or exceed the high demands of our customers and the industry.

In an effort to provide the best solution to the European market, Spectral Dynamics and TIRA are partnering together. The Spectral Dynamics controller solutions and the TIRA vibration systems, give the customer the value, quality and long-term reliability that they demand. As we are factory trained and qualified, our service and support teams within Europe are always there to support your vibration system.

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TIRA GmbH (TIRA) is located in the town of Schalkau between Leipzig and Nuremberg in Germany. As a global electrodynamic (ED) vibration test system provider, the company has been designing and manufacturing ED solutions since 1965. The installed base, as well as their technical support, extends into almost all of Europe, Asia, Russia, North and South America. TIRA’s extensive global network of partners are well suited to meet all your vibration system needs no matter where you are located in the world.

TIRA possesses full manufacturing capabilities within their Schalkau facility. Their ability to weld, machine and assemble full systems and accessories ensure that they are able to control not only the high product quality but the consistency and reliability that customers have grown accustomed to over the past decades. These capabilities possessed by TIRA, clearly separate them from the competition and clearly assist in enhancing their reputation as a leading ED solution provider in Europe as well as the rest of the world.

As the demands of our customers and the industry change rapidly, TIRA works continuously to provide not only standard vibration solutions as well new and cutting-edge vibration systems. Our integrated team of manufacturing and engineering allows us to explore the best solutions in materials, fabrication techniques, system modeling and control integration technology when the solution you seek is outside the standard range of ever-expanding product offerings.


TIRA Shaker Systems

Our lower force systems are air-cooled until the 70kN force range is reached. Water-cooled systems will start from 55kN and can reach the 300kN force level.

Moreover, TIRA is well equipped to provide specific electrodynamic shakers for a wide variety of applications:

  • Calibrations systems are design to have a wider frequency range and less transversal movement to give the best solution for sensor calibrations
  • Modal shakers have an enhanced guiding and a specific moving coil design with only one insert to allow rod connection for superior modal testing
  • Inertial shakers are equipped with high stiff suspension systems to excite structures with the shaker independent of the axis being excited
  • Long stroke electrodynamic systems are able to reach a displacement of 100mm peak to peak for low frequency and high G force application levels


We integrate high quality, low distortion digital power amplifiers and cooling systems with the shaker systems delivering you the maximum performance you demand. Our ability to configure horizontal slip tables, a wide variety of head expanders and a complete controller solution allow you a single, reliable and trusted source for your vibration solution.


Electrodynamic vibration systems

Slip tables and Head expanders

TIRA manufactures high quality slip table systems which can range in size from 300x300mm to 2000x2000mm. Slip tables are useful for performing vibrations successively in the 3-axis dimensions of x, y & z without changing orientation or having to provide complex and expensive fixturing for the specimen being tested.

When you have a requirement to adapt to an existing electrodynamic vertical shaker, we can propose our mini-base slip table solution. When you need a complete shaker system, we do recommend our mono-base, or combination shaker system. This solution integrates the vertical shaker and the horizontal slip table in a single, massive and rigid frame design avoiding any alignment issues. Our combination systems are also designed to reduce the switch over time from vertical to horizontal to typically 15 minutes or less.

Two main types of horizontal slip table systems are available:

  • Oil film slip tables, also called low pressure slip tables, are constructed with a granite surface top in which a magnesium plate is interfaced while maintaining a low-pressure oil film in between the two assemblies. The lateral movement on this system is constricted by a guiding roller bearing system on the sides of the magnesium plate. This solution is perfect for low mass and small dimensional test specimens.
  • Hydrostatically guided slip tables, also called high pressure slip tables, operate in a similar manner with the granite surface and the magnesium plate. Hydrostatic bearing assemblies are then integrated into the design to allow for test specimens of higher mass. This solution allows much higher moment values and is preferred for testing more massive and higher dimensional specimens. With this slip table design, the size of the table, specimen dimensions and mass and test specifications are all taken into consideration in the design to adequately position and account for the number of hydrostatic bearings required.


As TIRA manufactures and designs a complete array of head expanders, we will also be able to specify a system which will take into consideration if additional guidance and load compensation should be integrated for your specific solution.

As you may also have a requirement to perform vibration tests in combination with climatic profiles, TIRA GmbH will propose different types of thermal barriers and temperature control options to suit a variety of applications.

Your sales consultant will be better able to access your needs and recommend a solution which is right for you. Our highly skilled engineering staff will also be able to provide you a complete solution as to the recommended cooling, structural and guidance based upon your specific requirements.



Energy Efficient Power Amplifiers

TIRA digital power amplifiers are particularly designed to afford you the desired force and maximize velocity while running a shock profile. Our designs have inherent safety features built into every system to ensure the desired output levels are monitored at all times and avoid any damage to the shaker or amplifier while operating.

Our power amplifiers, ranging from 11 to 240 KVA, are equipped with intuitive touch screens providing the ultimate in information and control for the user. If a remote-control option is selected, this same touch screen can be duplicated in a control room at distance from the amplifier.


In order to reach and maintain the demanded performance level, electrodynamic systems require a significant amount of energy. In order to limit power consumption while delivering the required power optimally, TIRA incorporates the latest technology available on the market while employing their Energy Management System feature. This technology includes a field power reduction feature as well as a temperature monitoring to lessen the heat impact on the electronics while keeping the system cool during operation.

We also can interface a TIRA amplifier to replace amplifiers from other shaker systems. We can interface it to an older TIRA system or a system not manufactured by TIRA. When these opportunities arise, please feel free to discuss your options with any of our sales team. Surely, we can find a solution for you.

TIRA’s services

Service technicians are specifically trained by the factory and have all spent time working on the assembly line

Service technicians are specifically trained and qualified by the factory. Many of them have spent time manufacturing our systems before being located to the field. This creates a strong link between design, production and customer service. This all leads to the enhanced serviceability of our products as well as a better customer service experience.

Acceptance testing is performed on all the products as a final requirement. When performing acceptance testing on a larger force system, it is not uncommon for the end-user to be involved in the testing at the facility in Schalkau (Germany). In the event the customer is not present for this final factory testing, the data will always be made available to them electronically.


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Jaguar controller

When your Advanced applications need the most powerful controller available, the Jaguar™ is the ultimate in controller solutions.

When your controller applications demand multiple axis control and analysis, Spectral Dynamics has the solution.  The Jaguar™ is configurable up to 98 control channels and over 550 response channels. Thanks to our Patented Adaptive Control Algorithm and our unique hardware architecture, the Jaguar™ stands alone as the Premier closed loop vibration and acoustic controller available on the market today.

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Jaguar : Powerful Vibration and Acoustic Controller for single or multiple outputs

The Jaguar™ is the most powerful single or multiple axis controller on the market today. We incorporate our patented Adaptive Digital vibration control technology for data acquisition and vibration as well as acoustic control. Our technology protects your test article and the test system while allowing for the ultimate in response delivering you the confidence in test results you desire.

Key features:

From 8 to 588 input channels
Our unique and powerful hardware architecture allows expansion to hundreds of channels without sacrificing signal processing performance.

Up to 98 control channels

With the powerful design of Jaguar™, you have the option to configure up to 98 control channels at the same time.  All the channels can be used as control channels.

Spectral Dynamics Adaptive Control Algorithm
The JaguarTM uses an advanced Adaptive Control method, which is patented and declared to be a fundamental and revolutionary control method by the European and US patent offices. The adaptive control updates the system model as part of the multi-dimensional optimization used by the underlying optimal control method. These integrated control methods permit to reach the best control performance on the market for any test conditions.

Our technology protects your test article and the test system while allowing for the ultimate in response delivering you the confidence in test results you desire.

The JaguarTM is the only system in the world capable of changing the input ranges during a test with no adverse effects on the data. This occurs in our Sine or Random applications ensuring optimal use of the available  dynamic range.

MIMO Capabilities
MIMO (Multiple Input – Multiple Output)

The JaguarTM has the power to recreate multiple degree of freedom environments in your test laboratory. Applications as diverse as vibrating a complex configuration of electronics in 3 axes simultaneously, driving a very heavy structure in one axis while sharing the load over many shakers or even recreating 6 DOF movement at each of the four wheels of an automobile may now be accomplished with the Jaguar™ MIMO application.

The Jaguar™, well known throughout the world for advanced vibration controller testing, also has a strong application success for acoustic control technology. The Jaguar™ is unmatched in its ability to control and analyze advanced test configurations when performing Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAT) for Satellites. Contact local Spectral Dynamics sales representative to find out more about our DFAT capabilities and experience as well as see the detail below MIMO Random acoustic Module.

The JaguarTM solution provides a complete software suite for all your applications.


MISO Control software (Multiple Input Single Output)

Tests configurations with multiple input and requiring only one output drive, can be configured easily with the Jaguar™.

Sine Module
The main analysis of the test consists in using tracking filter to bandpass the desired data, synchronizing the center frequency of the bandpass filter and locking it to the drive frequency. Our team is proud to provide one of the best tracking filters with the JaguarTM solution.

Random Module
The purpose of random excitation is to expose the test article to all frequencies, all phases, and all amplitudes in a truly random nature. The only condition to this is the customers shape must be produced and maintained, without losing the true random nature of the energy.

The JaguarTM uses patented adaptive control algorithm with transfer function updating and coherence smoothing to accurately and quickly compensate for non-linearities or time-varying changes in the dynamic load.

Mixed mode (Sine on Random / Random on Random / Sine & Random-on-Random)
The mixed mode consists in combining broadband, narrow band and tones to perform vibration tests.



MIMO Control software (Multiple Input Multiple Output)

As a majority of vibration testing is performed with single shaker excitation systems, conditions often exist where single excitation is not appropriate to achieve the desired test control and results. For these applications, Spectral Dynamics has developed a MIMO applications software suite to simulate the “real world” and allow a multiple channel input while allowing for multiple output drive generation.

MIMO Random Module
MIMO Random provide digital real-time closed loop shaker control for production testing, design qualification, and reliability testing applications. The system allows the definition, simulation, and closed loop control of random vibration excitation of a system with multiple exciters.

MIMO Sine Module

During manufacturing and use, all products encounter stress. MIMO sine tests are performed on both prototype and production-line products to ensure that the product will survive actual production and in-use conditions. MIMO sine vibration environments generally consist of a single sine wave frequency that changes frequency over time at several driving (excitation) points.

MIMO Shock Module

Do you have a need for closed loop control shock testing with multiple vibration actuators? Our MIMO Shock application is the solution.

MIMO Replication Module

This application allows the replication of field measured time history vibration data. Real vibration environment can be played back and controlled   on the test system in a laboratory environment.

MIMO Random acoustic Module

Closed-loop acoustic tests are typically performed on products to ensure that the product will survive actual in-use conditions. Random acoustic environments are characteristically non-repetitive in time, the energy is generally present at all frequencies over a frequency range. This acoustic environment can accurately simulate many real-world operating conditions.

The JaguarTM can generate a wide range of random acoustic environments to satisfy nearly any commercial, industrial, or military test requirement. For instance, Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAT) for satellites can be performed thanks to the Spectral Dynamics’ MIMO random acoustic application.

Applications licenses

Spectral Dynamics offers you several options in configuring your suite of software control and application modules. The licenses can be configured with your original system or purchased at a later date.

MISO control licenses
Sine Track resonance Dwell
Classical Shock
Shock Synthesis Waveform Generation and SRS
Mixed mode

MIMO control licenses
MIMO Random
MIMO Swept sine
MIMO Waveform replication
MIMO Shock
MIMO Acoustic

Transient Capture
Signal analysis
Waveform processor


Other Software Options available for the Jaguar

Spectral Dynamics offers specific options to help you to increase the efficiency of the test from the definition to the report.
– Throughput disk: Time record and storage
– Advanced data conversion and plots
– Rectangular and Hybrid control feature (MIMO applications)
– I/O Transformations feature (conversions between different coordinate systems for MIMO applications)

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Lynx controller

Vibration control system composed of single output generation and multiple channels hardware associated with powerful software.

The LynxTM is a powerful, flexible and affordable vibration test control system designed to meet a wide range of environmental test requirements. It combines simplicity of operation required for production screening with the power and versatility required for R&D prototype testing.



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The LynxTM is a powerful, compact and affordable vibration test control system

The LynxTM   is no ordinary controller when it comes to vibration testing. To meet your most stringent test requirements, the system incorporates our patented Adaptive Digital vibration control technology. Our Adaptive Technology is the advanced technology every vibration controller should have. Our leading-edge algorithms calculate complex closed loop control solutions in milliseconds in a unique iterative process. This allows your test article and the system to be controlled during the test in the ultimate fashion. Our technology protects your test article and the test system while allowing for the ultimate in response delivering you the confidence in test results you desire.


Key features:

  • 4 Input channels expandable to 16

Each module is composed with a drive channels and 4 inputs. Synchronization of modules allows to increase the measurement channels number to fit your application.

  • Multi-channel control capability

Each input channel can be declared as control channel. If several inputs are selected, the user can easily define the strategy for a multi-channel control of the test.

  • Advanced graphics & reports

Our team developed a powerful graphic interface to monitor your testing and visualize data in a customizable and flexible manner. It allows to configure your display and export your results directly to Word® or Excel®.

  • Data storage options

You entirely define the storage of the test. The LynxTM  will accordingly record the time stream and/or the analysis, to meet your customized parameters.

  • Automation features

Need to Sequence several random profiles during an extended test? Linking our different control software modules (Random, Sine or others) can automate your testing with LynxTM.

  • Safety

The LynxTM  has integrated several internal systems checks to prevent damage to your system prior to starting a test sequence. This feature, along with our user control limits, provide for the ultimate in safety and protection of your equipment.

  • System on Windows 10 – USB3 connection to host

Spectral Dynamics integrates the latest technology in its products. The Lynx™ is Windows 10 based and our hardware to PC communication is the latest in USB technology -USB3.


Need for a controller with multiple outputs ? Learn about Jaguar controller


LynxTM Software Modules and Test applications:


Sine Module

Spectral Dynamics software modules always provide you with the best in control technology.  Our LynxTM Sine Module incorporates a true analog-quality sine sweep with a double precision integrated phase algorithm in order to ensure the lowest signal distortion possible. Our easy-to-use flexible user interface, will allow you to configure your control parameters: manual or automatic test, control with the fundamental signal (tracking filter) or with the RMS of the broadband, control strategy. Other  Sine based software modules; Stepped Sine and Search& Dwell can be easily incorporated into your testing control suite with your original system configuration or added later to your system as your testing needs to expand down the road.


Random Module

Spectral Dynamics developed a control algorithm with separate controls loops dedicated to controlling the shape of the drive spectrum and overall RMS level. This optimizes the random control signal while providing both control speed and stability during your test. This “forward looking” technology allows the LynxTM to adjust the control speed in real time to the next measure of error that is about to occur. This control algorithm is one feature of our Adaptive Technology which ensures the control and repeatability you demand when testing to higher tolerance random control spectra while exciting your test product to give you the test confidence you need.


Shock Module

The LynxTM Shock Module solution generates different types of shock pulses to simulate the test item experiences in its real environment. As an expert in the field, Spectral Dynamics developed algorithms for shock testing with transfer function updating and coherence smoothing to accurately and quickly compensate for non-linearity or time varying changes which may occur with a dynamic load. The control strategy is easily defined by the user with pulse compensation, tolerances, number of control channels. SRS testing, automation of the shock test and repetitive pulse mode are available with our solution. The LynxTM stands alone in the industry as the “true tool” in realistic shock environment simulation.


Sine on Random Module

This application consists in combining pure sinusoidal signals with random signal waveforms. The highest quality random signals are generated and controlled via our advanced algorithm signal generation. The sinusoidal signals are then combined with the random waveforms and a high-quality spectrum is generated which can be then swept across your desired band of interest.


Random on Random Module

Random on Random simulates complex narrowband random on broadband random vibration environments. Narrow-bands may be swept or stationary. This vibration environment is typically seen in reciprocating equipment, repetitive impacts from tracked vehicles, and aircraft gunfire vibration.


Road simulation (Time replication) Module

Road Simulation application makes it possible to reproduce actual measured time history vibration data in the laboratory on your vibration system.


Signal Analyzer Module

The analyzer provides a comprehensive set of tools for data acquisition and signal analysis. Tests can be performed with or without output generation.




Options available for LynxTM software

Spectral Dynamics offers specific options to help you to increase the efficiency of the testing process from the definition to the report.

  • Stream to disk: Time record and storage
  • Remote control features: ActiveX or RCI
  • Test schedule and Mission simulation: linking of multiple profiles
  • And much more.



Applications licenses

License’s details
Random Level 1: 1 Hz to 2 kHz freq. range, 800 lines of resolution

Level 2: 1 Hz to 5 kHz freq. range, 3200 lines of resolution

Level 3: 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz freq. range,12800 lines of res. – Limit Channels

Sine  Level 1: Swept sine – 1 Hz – 2 kHz freq. range, 800 points per sweep 

Level 2: Swept sine – 1 Hz – 5 kHz freq. range, 2400 points per sweep – Limit channels 

Level 3: Swept sine – 0.1 Hz – 20 kHz freq. range, 2400 points / sweep – Limit channels

Additional license: Sine Resonance Track and Dwell 

Additional license: Stepped Sine Vibration Control

Shock Level 1: half sine and trapezoid pulse shapes, manual mode only

Level 2: all pulse shapes, Ref. Importing, Level and Pulse Scheduling

Additional license: Waveform Generation and SRS Control

Sine on Random
Random on Random
Road simulation
Signal analyzer Level 1: Signal Analysis to 10KHz, 800 lines, triggering, output generator

Level 2: Signal Analysis to 20KHz, 12800 lines, triggering, output generator




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For reliability testing of all types of Ics / Relays / switches and hybrid electronics , detect the particles with our PIND Felix system.

For over fifty years, Spectral Dynamics Inc. has given users simple, reliable and inexpensive tools to perform Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND) testing to increase the reliability of electronic components.

The PIND FelixTM is the most advanced system available. Combining sensors that monitor and display the shaker motion with computer generated control to correct for changes in test conditions, the PIND FelixTM test system generates accurate and repeatable test conditions while meeting or exceeding all of the globally recognized test specifications.. The PIND FelixTM   is truly a technology that the industry has been waiting for.

To provide always the best to our customers, Spectral Dynamics Inc  decided in 2019 to discontinue the manufacturing, marketing and sale of the Spectral Dynamics former PIND Model 4511. Any representation by others that a similar or like product with the same features, functions or model number advertised or available for sale by the Spectral Dynamics USA or an affiliate of Spectral Dynamics is an unauthorized representation by such parties.

Support and services are still available for all Spectral Dynamics PIND systems including PIND FelixTM, PIND 4511 and PIND 4501 in our offices in the USA and France (for Europe).


Contact us for more information


The PIND Felix™ System has been designed to detect loose particles in electronic components. The system is programmable to provide speedy and precise automatic testing in accordance with the various standards. The interactive interface allows the operator to enter the desired stored test sequence and to control the test with ease.


The solution is completely designed by Spectral Dynamics. As this system is designed, manufactured, and built by Spectral Dynamics the quality of both components and build is controlled.

The PIND FelixTM is composed of:

  • Precision Shaker with a crystal sensor system
  • DPA600 digital Amplifier and FelixTM controller system
  • Computer system with FelixTM software
  • STU (Sensitivity Test Unit) unit to verify that the system is functional.


The system performs five major tasks:

  • Vibrate a test article
  • Shock a test article
  • Detect any particle contaminants within the cavity
  • Display the detected impact signals created by the loose particles
  • Record the motion environment and the acoustic signals detected


The controller driven shaker provides shock and vibration motion of the test article. The impact sensor detects signals generated by a loose particle within the cavity of the test article, converts the physical energy into electrical energy which is passed through the cables to the amplifier and detection circuitry within the controller. Indication of the presence of loose particle detection occurs when the Acoustic Impact signal exceeds the programmed threshold limit.


Key features of the PIND FelixTM solution:

  • Sensors

Depending of the test, Spectral Dynamics can supply single crystal or multiple crystal sensors.  All our sensors have a complete Faraday shield around each crystal to protect the sensor from unwanted stray electrical signals. The embedded accelerometer allows monitoring and display of the actual shaker motion with computer analysis and correction for any changes in test conditions.

  • Shaker

The unique shaker creates accurate “Active Shocks” with adjustable shock levels by controlling the velocity of the shaker head and correcting for device differences prior to impact

  • Advanced software (Windows 10)

PIND FelixTM software allows for data collection of the vibration, shock, and acoustic channels. Each type of signal can be replayed for more in depth understanding of the interactions between the acoustic noise and the motion environment. Visual and audio particle detection are integrated to easily control your component. The software is compatible with tools like Microsoft Office. Reports for presentation or printing are simple to do.

  • PIND testing according to international standards and internal process

The PIND FelixTM easily exceeds the requirements of all military standards for PIND testing (U.S. MIL-STD-883, 750, 202,39016D). It is also fully programmable to your own specifications if so required.

Our high frequency acoustic test monitors for loose particles moving inside high reliability internal cavity electronic components such as relays, transistors, integrated circuits, and switches – particles that have the potential of causing short circuits and serious malfunctions in system operations.


A shaker is used as a linear motor to excite loose particles to move within the component cavity. Upon striking the lid of the cavity, some of the particle kinetic energy is converted to a wide band acoustic pressure wave that travels through the lid, through the attachment media and onto the top surface of the Impact Detection Sensor.

The acoustic wave is detected by the sensitive ultrasonic crystal or crystals within the sensor and is converted into an electrical signal. To keep the particle moving, a very accurate shock, generated internal to the shaker and controlled by the computer, monitoring the motion of the sensor, is employed.


In the PIND Test, the particles are never measured directly. As the   loose particles are placed in motion with a vibration, shock, the system then detects the impacts of those particles as they contact the lid of the cavity.


To learn more about the application, download our brochure.

Shaker options

4501-M230 Heavy duty vibration and shock shaker

4501-M230R Heavy duty shaker with wide pulse anvil included

4501-M230D Heavy duty shaker with two magnets


Sensor options

100-S140C/A Single crystal sensor – 22 mm

100-S140C/AL Single crystal sensor – 50 mm

100-3S155-60 Multiple crystal sensor – 60 mm – Three crystals

100-5S155-4 Multiple crystal sensor – 100 mm – Five crystals (1 in center with 4 mounted in a square at 50 mm)


Mounting options for components

There are two mounting mediums of the component on sensor:

  • Acoustic gel couplant

The couplant provides both excellent acoustic transmission as well as limited adhesion for keeping the device in good contact with the device under test.

  • Double sticky dots

Spectral Dynamics provides dots in several sizes. The doubled-sided dots provide excellent adhesion and good acoustic transmission. The transmissibility of the dot is less than the couplant by about 10% (1 dB).


Other options

Remote control box

The USB box for remote control can be used by the operator to:

  • Load a test from the setup library
  • Start the current or selected test

Shaker support

Need to isolate the shaker from your desk? Our team developed a dedicated support to perform your test anywhere.

Transport case