STAR – Time Domain Analysis

See How a Structure Moves Over Time

Animation of time history data shows the structure’s actual movement over a measured time period. This is often the first step in solving vibration or motion related problems. Time-domain analysis is uniquely suited for transient, nonlinear, or frequency variant events-for example, machine run up/coast-down; shock response; or dynamic changes in mass, stiffness, or damping during the measurement period.

Innovative Time Domain Analysis Techniques

The STAR6 System™’s rich feature set allows you to efficiently analyze and animate results for fast problem solving. For example, accurate integration of data to displacement units shows actual motion and helps you locate areas of maximum deflection. Digital time domain frequency filtering lets you isolate problem areas to animate for further study. And Batch Inverse FFT calculations on Frequency Response Function (FRF) measurement data sets enable you to animate structural motion in response to an impulse. The STAR6 System™ processes the impulse response functions as regular time histories that can be digitally filtered and integrated.